ON 6TH JUNE 2008

The following diginitories were present on the dais

Shri. Mohan Abraham, Director, VHSE
Shri. M. O. Pushpendran, Deputy Director, VHSE
Shri. V. Levakumar, Former Deputy Director (C), VHSE
Shri. P. Reji Varghese, Administrative Officer, VHSE
Shri. T. S. Thilakan, Accounts Officer(Audit), DVHSE
Smt. P. Jainamma, Accounts Officer (PF), DVHSE
Smt. Liji Joseph, Assistant Director, ROVHSE, Kuttippuram
Smt. Leena Ravidas, Assistant Director, ROVHSE, Ernakulam
Smt. T. K. Geetha, Assistant Director, ROVHSE, Thrissur
Shri. Fazil E, NSS Programme Co-ordinator, NSS VHSE
Shri. Kurian A John, Technical Officer, Exam wing, VHSE
Smt. Suhara Banu K. P, Research Assistant, DVHSE
Shri. P.K. Sankaran Kutty, Nodal Officer, Career Guidance, DVHSE
Shri. S. Sreedharan Nair, Senior Superintendent, DVHSE

The meeting started at 10.15 am with a prayer.

Welcome Speech was made by Smt. T. K. Geetha, Assistant Director, VHSE Regional Officer, Thrissur. The keynote address was made by Shri. Mohan Abraham, Director, VHSE. He said that we have better results this year.

Principals should take necessary steps for formation of plan for the new accademic year. We have permanent teachers for all subjects in all schools. The newly inducted teachers should be given training regarding the new grading scheme of education. This shall be arranged by Principals with the help of senior, experienced teachers.

An academic core group should be formed in all schools using the service of resourceful persons of the locality.

The proces of arriving at formation of a product is important. The Principals should take a leading role in imparting the right kind of training to students.

PTCs, OJTs and recruitment programmes should be given importance. PTCs should function effectively. The guidelines are being formulated by the Department. The Planning Board has given sanction for mobile sales units. The Department has involvement in the selection of Training Centres for OJT. Principals should take special interest in arranging effective training.

Alls registers and documents should be neatly maintained in all Schools. They shall be produced for inspection at any time.

Academic Inspection will be conducted with the help of Acedemecians.

Career Guidance and Councelling Centres should function properly. The Department has close monitoring regarding this. Shri. P. K. Sankaran Kutty is functioning as the Nodal Officer. The role of GFC teachers will be specified.

The performance of schools with below 30% of results is not satisfactory. The faults should be found out and rectified.

The Department will have a friendly approach to all officers. But everybody should have commitment to the Department and Society.

Our is a vocational system of education. We are conducting studies regarding the relation of Non vocational subjects to vocational subjects.

Source Books of all subjects have been made available in the Department website. Those who do not have the Source Books in their schools, can dowload from the VHSE website www.vhse.kerala.gov.in

Utilisation of funds of MGP scheme should be completed effectely. Principals should take necessary steps in this.

We have a full time NSS Programme Co-ordinator now. He is doing his work well.
Let us have a fruitfull academic year. Necessary funds will be made available for purchase. Principals will make necessary steps for this.

Shri. Mohan Abraham, Director conclued his speech at 11 am.

The next speech was delivered by Shri. M.O. Pushpendran, Deputy Director General. He made the following comments.

Necessary training has been given to teachers during vacation.

Application form and prospectus have been issues to schools. If there should be any change in dates, for submission of application, publication of rank lists, interview and beginning of classes that should be suggested here.

A survery is proposed to be conducted. Smt. T. K Geetha, Assistant Director, Thrissur is in charge of this survey. A team will visit all schools for the survey. Necessary documents should be prepared by each school. All staff should be present on the day of the visit of the survey. All help should be given to the survey team.

Write-ups have been prepared for all vactional subjects. This should be circulated. Sugestion, if any shall be intimated to the Directorate.

Suggestions for curriculum revision shall be entertained by the Department. The department has planned a number of training programmes for all classes of officers. Shri. Pushpendran, DDG concluded his speech at 11.10 am.

Shri. Regi Varghese, AO made his speech followed by Shri. M. O. Pushpendran.

Principals should give answers to queries regarding Right to Information.

He congratulated all staff for their contribution to this year’s good result. He completed his speech at 11.15 am.

Mementos to the following Retired Principals were distributed by the Director.

1. Shri. Ousephunny, Govt Girls VHS School, Irinjalakkuda
2. Smt. Rosy, Govt. VHSS, Ollur
3. Smt. Nirmala Devi, SSM VHS School, Edakkazhiyur
4. Smt. Sreedevi, Govt. VHSS, Thrissur
5. Smt. Koumudi, Govt. VHSS, Cherpu
6. Smt. Kochu, Govt. VHSS, Wadakkanchery
7. Shri. Raju, THS & VHSS, Thrissur
8. Smt. Margretha, Govt. VHSS, Thiruvillwamala
9. Smt. Karthu, Govt. VHSS, Ramavarmapuram
10. Shri. Baby, Govt. VHSS, Moolamattom
11. Smt. Baby, MASM VHSS, Venmanad
12. Shri. Gopalakrishnan, Vocational Teacher, MASM VHSS, Venmanad
13. Smt. Princy, Govt. VHSS, Thalikulam (not present)

Career Guidance & Counselling Cell Awards were given to the following Schools of Thrissur Region.

1) Sarvodayam VHS School, Aryampadam
2) SNDP VHS School, Admimaly

Following this, releasing of e-mail ID of schools of Thrissur Region was made by the Director, VHSE, Trivandrum. On this occation he said that the networking of all VHS Schools of Kerala will be done within two months.

Sri. Tilakan, Accounts Officer stated his speech at 11.45 am. He made the following remarks.

The limit to local puchase is Rs.500/- AS & PS should be obtained for purchases for more than Rs.500/-

Cash book should be attested everyday with full signature below and initials at every entry.

CD Register should be maintained properly with necessary entries against accounts of each student. After 2 years of completion of course of a student, the CD should be remitted in revenue head.

Smt. Jainamma, Accaounts Officer (PF) briefed on PF.

Smt. Suhra Banu, Research Assistant made the following remarks. A proposal for selection of model schools is on. Modules are being prepared for behavioral aspects of students in VHS Schools.

Fazil E, NSS Co-ordinator made his speech followed by the Reseach Assistant.

The meeting of Programme Officers was called on the direction of the Director, with a view to strengthen the performance of NSS Programme Officers. Social commitment is an inevetive part of the functioning of NSS. It aims at personality development of students. He cited an example of performance of NSS Volunteers in a school in Alappuzha District, where they could help in improvement of the results of that school.

The NSS Cell has formed certain programmes to strengthen NSS activities in all schools. School Level Advisroy Committees should be formed and function properly. We should make ‘Ente Maram’ programme our programme.

Shri. Sreedharan Nair, Senior Superintendent made the following remarks.

PSC postings are being done systematically. Ids of PSC appointed hands should be kept at school. NJDs with Ids should be sent on the next day of the last date fixed for joining. Joining reports also should be forwarded immediately.

SBs of of Non Gazetted Officers should be sent to the Directorate for declaration of probation with Conduct Certificate from schools they have worked.

LWA up to 3 months shall be sanctioned by principals. Leave will come to effect only after sanctioning of the same. Application for leave shall be submitted one month in advance.

He gave information regarding appointments in Aided Schools.

Kurian A John, Technical Officer briefed on the VHS Examinations.

He said that the honouring of Rtd. Principals was very apt.

The students should benefit with the intenvention of the principals. Care should be taken in registering students for examinations. There were faults in uploading of data. QPR should be prepared with atmost care. Negligence in checking register numbers in answer script should be avoided.

Shri. V. Levakumar, Rt. Deputy Director, Curricullum, now working in National Institute of Open Schooling made his speech.

Teachers should always innovate their knowledge and transfer such ideas to students. The main objective of Vocational Education is to achieve skill completency. We should critically evaluate whether that is happening now.

Vocational Education is given great prominence now a days. Vocational factor is added from the level of 8th standared onwards. Principals and academic heads work hand in hand. The school should have a good plan for their functioning. The planning shall be made incorporating the help of all Community including teachers, parents, local bodies, experts etc.

The possibilities of Electronics media shall be incorporated in Education. The VHSE has good results this years, still that shall be improved further.

Shri. Sankarankutty, Nodal Officer, Career Guidance and Councelling Cell.

The reports from VHS Schools come properly.

The activities have improved. Cash Awards have been implemented for the best school in each district. The career master can solve issues with children or he can direct them to proper persons for consolation.

Report of Career Guidance activities shall be sent to Regional Officers and Directorate in time. Funds will be alloted for the activities of the cell.

Lakshmana Iyer, Junior Superintendent said that ifelectricity charges and water charges are not met by local bodies, a certificate to that effect shall be sent to the Directorate. In such cases the amount will be sanctioned by the Department.

There is monthly ceiling for TA.

Smt. Liji AD Kuttippuram made her speech.


Smt. Meenakshi, SM VHS School, Thathamangalam requested for facilities of language lab & Library.

The Director said that the first thing is to improve the competency of English teachers. Language lab facilities are available in colleges. We can make use of that also. The department is taking necessary steps.

A masterplan is being prepared for issue of library books.

Govt. VHS School (THS) Palakkad rquested for two courses at the insistance of the PTA but five courses were sanctioned. Facilities are lacking.

Director: Rupees 1.98 crore has been sanctioned for arranging facilities in newly started courses. The school will also get the funds. The school can decide on the number of courses.

Unnikrishnan, Principal, RM VHS School, Perinjanam:
There are problems in Continous Evaluation at the Secondary Level. The same may not be repeated at VHSE level. He was pointing out on the award of Continous Evaluation marks to students.

Director: Award of Continous Evaluation marks has not influenced this year’s results. Continous Evaluation marks are given by teachers. The instiution has the responsibility of awarding of continuous Evaluation maks. Nobody compelled anybody to give such marks. Let us positively, critically evaluate this.

Academic Govt. VHS School, Vattanad

We have good results. Continous Evaluation marks have been given to deserving candidates only. Salaries of teachers of new courses have not been paid so far. Earned Leave Surrender is not sanctioned.

Director: The salaries will be disbursed with retrospective effect. Steps have been taken for the same. Earned Leave Surrender will be sanctioned. Assistant Directors will give necessary Support.

Principal, THS & VHS School, Palakkad.

Downloading of source book – such facilities are not available. LCD projecter not provided.

There are constraints of financial resources. Still our Regional Offices have LCDs and Laptop. The department is ready for giving infrastructure facilities. But the schools should come forward with requests. Braoadband connectivety will be provided to all schools.

Mohandas, Principal, VHS & THS Chittoor

Issue of Application forms after the beginning of classes. This has a demoralizing effect. So this should be stopped.

Students will be attracted to VHSE if we provide good coaching. Issue of applications after the beginning of classes will in no way affect demand for VHSE. We are going to restructure VHS Courses. Workshops are planned to be conducted with this in view. By December the process will be completed. We are going to give more importance to te practical side of VHSE courses.

Principal in charge, SV VHS School, Eruthenpathy, Palakkad

Delay in communication from Department, whether Financial Aids will be given to aided school PTCs, No TA provided for conference.

Director: Funds will be provided to Aided PTCs. But the amount should be remitted back after two years. The decision will be carried out soon.

Teacher, GVHSS, Kunnamkulam

Lack of infrastructure, computers not functioning, no facility for library.

Amount has been sanctioned to Career Guidance and Councelling Cell. Rs.2000/- has been given. This can been used for newspapers and other publications.

Principal, Mar Basil VHSS, Senapathy

Withdrawal of Deploma equavalency to VHS students, whether Computer Training is necessary to principals.

Certain changes have to be made in Apprenticeship training. Then only we can think about this. We are providing training facilities. Principals may make use of that.

Principal, Govt VHSS, Thalikkulam

Building construction, soil testing is needed. PTA president says that Rs.30,000/- is needed.

Funds have been sanctioned for construction under XIIth finance Commission Plan for soil testing . If it is a different fund, the Principal is asked to contact the Director.

Teacher, GVHSS, Thodupuzha
PH Regularised hands, Non Vocational Teachers have not been given gazetted rank.

The issue will be solved

Smt.Leena Ravidas, Assistant Director, VHSE Regional Office, Ernakulam proposed vote of thanks.

The meeting was concluded at 2.30 pm


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